Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating My Mr. on Father's Day

I just wanted to celebrate my husband today on Father’s Day by sharing how thankful I am for him as a daddy. My husband serves me and our household everyday but this is the one day where we should really go out of our way to serve him. Unfortunately, I ended up with a back injury over the weekend yet my husband didn’t skip a beat this morning. He woke up, went and filled my water bottle, brought me my Advil, made me a cup of coffee, and helped resituate me in bed.

Instead of lounging around together this morning like we do most Sundays, he left to go serve a family in our church. He wanted to bless a father and his two children that are currently separate by picking up the kids and taking them so they could attend church with their daddy on Father’s Day.

Although he is my husband and not my dad he without a doubt has been the one to redefine in eyes and my heart what an earthly daddy should be and because of his love and love for Jesus, has helped give me a right view of my heavenly Daddy.

He has poured his love out graciously on my daughter, showing us both what it looks like to be protected, loved, served, encouraged, guided, and lead in a biblical and godly manner. He has pursued us relentlessly when we were not worthy of pursuit, when our hearts were ugly and our tongue sharp, he never gave up on us.

A lot of his identity is father, not in a sinful way but a God glorifying, reflecting His image way. He has opened our home to many young girls over the last five years stepping in as a father to those who had no one to protect or guide them. We have had eight women and two children live with us in the past 5 years and I’ve watched him step in and just be a dad and did so sacrificially. He has stepped up in the lives of many women over the years that came to him when their own dad’s had failed them. He didn’t have to learn how to love these women, he just did. He didn’t have to be shown what it looked like to care for them, he just did. He didn’t have to be shown what it looked like to protect them, he just did. He did it not by his own strength but on his complete dependence on his own Father.

I’ve watched him teach men how to be godly fathers to their own children and the daughters of the church… how to love and protect the fatherless, the abused, the neglected, and the abandoned. I’ve watched him stand beside other men as they had to confront their own fathers.

For whatever reason, God did not choose for us to have children together but He has blessed us with an entire community of precious children that I watch my husband enjoy and absolutely delight in. It overwhelms my heart with love and joy for him when I watch him walk up to someone at church and take their child out of their arms to hold them or play with them. He loves children and they love him, it is such a beautiful sight.

I am so thankful for the man I get to call Mr. This man, who loves nothing more than for people to experience the love and grace of our Savior. This man, who will spend the rest of his earthly days encouraging and helping others see God rightly, through the lens of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Thank you Mr. for helping me see God as my Abba, my Daddy. Thanking you for loving our precious daughters and for your protection of them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God has blessed you with an incredible gift and a gift you have never squandered. I love you.