Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Journey to Thanksgiving

I am currently reading One Thousand Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp right now. Ladies, this is one you will want in your library; it is poetically written and theologically sound! The book has me thinking a lot about thankfulness and realizing how much I have always taken and still take for granted. My ex-husband used to always call me an ingrate, and although he was coming from a mean and sinful spirit, I think there is some truth to my ingratitude. I have taken many gifts for granted and rarely do I step back and reflect upon nor thank God for all I have been given.

I am contemplating (hopefully can commit to) writing a weekly blog on what I am thankful for in 2012. Ann Voskamp (I’m only in the 3rd chapter) writes about the 1000 gifts she is thankful for through a series of lists. I am not a list person and I know what one formula works for one does not work for another but I would like to reflect more on what I am thankful for and rather than this being an exercise in discipline, I am hoping this just makes me more aware of what I constantly take for granted. Although I don’t plan to start this until next week, I really do want to take a few minutes and reflect on one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me…my husband.

1) Jesus: Nothing More, Nothing Less. He always points me to Jesus. The one thing I think my husband probably desires most for me is to see Jesus rightly. Since our first conversation, he has always pointed me to the cross to find healing and rest.

2) Jesus: White as Snow. I am thankful my husband sees me as Jesus sees me…white as snow. He does not see me through my behavior, choices, or lack of thankfulness (ingrate).

3) Jesus: Sacrificial Service. My husband always serves me sacrificially. He wakes me up most mornings with coffee, he gets up and turns the heat on, he makes my lunch, and he warms my car up for me…even when I have to be out of the house at 5am. Upon my return, he greets me with my favorite drink, a pillow under my feet, and a dinner served just the way I have requested (he asks this question during the day by the way). If I want something we don’t have, he will make a special trip to get it. He rubs my feet and he rubs my head, whenever I ask and sometimes just because.

4) Jesus: Freedom. He enjoys it when I am free to be me! My husband loves it when my girly playfulness comes out and his enjoyment of it brings me joy. I am thankful to be free enough with my husband to be girly and silly.

5) Jesus: Covenant Marriage. I am thankful my husband desires oneness and thinks I’m hot! I am truly thankful that my husband thinks I am beautiful and desires (only me) all the time.

6) Jesus: Holy Spirit. I am thankful for my husband’s dependence on the Holy Spirit. God has gifted him with discernment and he relies on the Spirit to help him see what the natural eye cannot.

7) Jesus: Love. My husband loves. Greatly. Deeply. I am so thankful for his love of me, our daughters, our friends, and the church body. He deeply desires everyone to know and understand Jesus and what the cross accomplished.

8) Jesus: Simply Jesus. I am so thankful for Jesus in my husband. He has an unbelievable love for Jesus and the cross and lives there. He’s usually the first one to the cross, the first one to confess, the first one to repent, the first one to seek forgiveness, the first to pray, and the first one to worship. I am thankful for his leadership, love, and dependence on the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Jesus, thank you for choosing this man for me. Thank you for revealing yourself to him so he can be You to me.

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Michael Lee Merriman said...

What an amazing post Gina. I miss you guys, and James' leadership. I pray God continues to use you both mightily for His glory. Your marriage is a wonderful example of a biblical marriage, one that the rest of us hope to have someday. Love you both!